Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Marianne.......

.... For the benefit of others just starting out on this, I recently received this comment in response to my post " Gimme Gimme Gimme".

"Marianne said...

I'm sorry, but I don't believe you are thirteen.You write like an adult and see things from a different perspective than I, a thirteen year old girl, do.I think that this blog is just so you adults can pretend to understand us.Please don't post anything else until you have a REAL thirteen year old posting. "

Marianne, I got such a kick out of this,I am writing a WHOLE post for YOU. I am real, and I am thirteen. If you scroll down just a little further, you will see photos of me. No, that is not photo shop. I'll take it as a compliment on my vocabulary that you think I am an adult. And while many adults do pretend to understand us, most of them don't start blogs, and pretend to be a thirteen year old girl. Unless, they are a SERIOUS creeper.

I, and my family, enjoyed this so much, I made a video in your honor:

P.S. My mum is so psyched, she says this is because I am homeschooled :).


  1. I think this is awesome..I chat via face book with your mom. I also believe it to be that you are Blessed with a Mama who is out of this world !! The Homeschooling helps too. Great Job getting your first NON believer...
    Tabitha Brown

  2. Ok, well, I guess you're probably real. I'm not completely won over, but I do kind of enjoy your blog, so I guess I'll leave it for now. BTW, I LOVE this post! :)....

    FSFA,(From Somewhere Far Away)


  3. Wowww Justina, You have your first biggest fan. I have NO biggest fans. You are soooo lucky. Check out my blog ok? Buh bye!

    Your Cousin,
    Alley Cat Forever

  4. Way to go Justina. Your Aunt Faye loves this. Bye!


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