Friday, July 9, 2010

Housewife? I DON'T think so...

I am sitting in the living room watching that ever informative show, Wife Swap. This week, one mom is convinced that the world is ending in 2012, due to a Mayan prophecy and the other one just announced that she spends 40,000 dollars a year on her daughters golf lessons.

40,000 dollar mom's husband is, to quote the Mayan mom, "a male chauvinistic pig." This so-called "pig" just informed the new wife that if, "god forbid, anything were to happen to his wife, he would just find someone else to clean the bathroom." In the beginning, they kept showing shots of this man sitting on the couch while his wife cleans, cooks, and chauffeurs. He just informed the Mayan mother, that he believes that housework is gender orientated, and that women are better cleaners, cooks, etc.

Is this guy for real?

How many other men and boys think like this?

How many women and girls go through the stuff that $40,000 mom is going through?

Who came up with this theory that all women and girls are good for is house work??? Obviously someone EXTREMELY under-educated and ignorant of our many talents. (Haughty sniff here)

So what do YOU think?

I mean, come ON people! This is the 21st century, not the DARK AGES!!

Now I want to know, WHY would you put up with this kind of treatment? Why not say something? Like, oh, I don't know.."Why don't YOU get YOUR butt off the couch and help me wash YOUR dirty socks, sweetie?" That sounds about right....

I think women just gradually are grown into the idea that men and boys can do things we can't. It is a subconscious message that society presses on us.


Now we are at the end of this episode, and the moms are going at it..Mayan mom is telling $40,000 mom that her husband is "rude, arrogant, and I have NEVER been that disrespected."

Hmph.. Could have told her THAT myself... :)

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