Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And Now For A Trip To Outer Space....

"Class, I would like you to closely observe the condition of "Space Case" that is afflicting this poor girl. She, as you can see, can not keep her thoughts in line, and as a result, has not posted on her blog in over two months."

To all of my readers: I sincerely apologize. I have, as you can see above, come down with a horrible case of "Spacieus Casius". Every time I have a thought, I sit down at my computer and begin to write it, then realize I was supposed to be somewhere a half an hour ago. I have so many unfinished drafts in my "Posts" section,it isn't even funny. And that is how it has gone for the last two months,18 days, __ hours and __ minutes.. (Not sure when this will show up, so fill in the blanks)

So if you have not jumped ship, I thank you, and want you to know that in the future, I will take my vitamins.

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  1. Good writing, justina.I love your should write more.



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